Artistic Photographer


About Liesel


My name is Liesel, prononced 'lee-zil' by mom and 'lee-sil' by my dad - so either is perfect. I was born and raised in Southern African but now live in Canada with my husband and our children.

The majestic scenery we have makes for countless opportunities to head out on regular family adventures right in our backyard: short hikes, bike rides, kayaking, rock throwing, and of course tubing and tobogganing in the winter. 

I love sunshine (African blood for sure), swimming, baking, and crafting. If I could wear sandals all year that would be great. 

I have been saved by grace and try my best to pursue Jesus.


I have always had a love for children and to hear their stories. I have a degree in Psychology and worked in schools for a number of years.

People interest me: their hardships, their strengths, their passions and their lifeworlds. These stories of each of us are perfectly imperfect and a testimony of grace and love. 


Photographic Style

Photographing the love shared between families and couples is an honour for me. I know how treasured family is and how all to quickly the days, weeks and years go by. Capturing your todays are important to me.  

My style is simplistic, organic, lifestyle photography. I like the images I take to look authentic and natural. My goal during the session is to help you feel at ease, be yourself and most importantly to have genuine fun! I love getting to know people and hear their stories, and I would like the images I capture to tell some of the story of you and your loved ones during this time of your lives.

Thanks again for stopping by - please go to the Connect page to get in touch to book your session if you feel we will be a good fit or just say to hi! It would be great to hear from you.

xo, Liesel

A big thank you and photo credit to my wonderful and uber talented friend Clarisse Pieterson Photography.