Y Family | Edmonton Family Photographer

Family faces
are magical mirrors.
Looking at people
who belong to us,
we see the past,
and future.
— Gail Lumet Buckley

The Y family wanted to celebrate the last few days with their beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather. Their love, appreciation and respect for him overflowed as they spent time together. His legacy and faith is one which they treasured and spoke of proudly. 

All family members from four generations together in one room was filled with lots of laughter, talking, and of course food. I loved witnessing how they truly valued the importance of family and hope that the images will be a sweet reminder of their love for each other.

H Family | White Rock Family Photographer


[faemli] noun

life’s greatest blessing, 

a group that dreams, laughs, plays and loves together, 

those whom you can always count on.

always present not only in the good times,

the most precious gift. 
— Author Unknown

D Family | Langley Family Photographer

Family isn’t defined only by last names
or by blood;
it’s defined by commitment
and by love.
It means showing up when they need it most.
It means having each other’s backs.
It means choosing to love each other
even on those days when you struggle to like each other.
It means never giving up on each other!
— Dave Willis

W Family | Langley Family Photographer

Let me love you
a little more
before you’re not
little anymore.
— Author Unknown

The W family were as sweet as always. Their love for each other is so honest and sincere.

Their boys are gentlemen through and through, even at such a young age. They adore their mama (with her ever so sweet Southern accent) and look up to their dad.

The sun was setting swiftly which hurried our session on way too fast for my liking but loved soaking up some glorious beach time with them while we could. 

K Family | Langley Family Photographer

Cuteness overload with the K family! I absolutely loved spending time with them on a beautiful summery evening. Seeing how the siblings so sweetly love and care for each other, how they interact with each other and their parents, and how unique each one is in their family. They are a truly wonderful, tightknit family who made the session full of joy and laughter! xo

Sisterly Love | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

These two beautiful sisters were preparing for a vacation back to Ireland to celebrate their Granny's 90th birthday and thought it would be wonderful to have some photos of them and their beautiful children to take back home to share with their loved ones. We had such fun playing in the creek - a definite hit with the children! I loved seeing the joy shared between sisters and cousins - and hearing their amazing Irish accents! Thank you for a beautiful afternoon with your sweet, sweet, sweet children xoxo

K Family | White Rock Family Photographer

My sweet friend had her mama visiting and it was such a special evening getting to meet her and witnessing the love the boys' Gaga has for them all. Her gentle, loving and nurturing interactions with her daughter and fun-loving grandsons was so precious. It was a perfect mix of boys being boys and the sweetness of mom-daunter hugs. Thank you K family! Love you guys xo


"My grandma has ears that listen,

arms that always hold,

a love that's never ending,

and a heart of gold!"


K Family | Langley Family

It was such a delight getting to photograph the K family again. Their two darling girls were full of enthusiasm despite the cool, windy, freshly-rained weather. A treehouse, fairy garden, and a playground made for a perfect location for them all to have some fun!

"May you touch dragonflies and stars, 

dance with fairies and talk to the moon.

May you grow up with love and gracious hearts,

and people that care."

Jan's 70th | Edmonton Event Photographer

Jan is a man who loves people, dearly, very dearly. Even more than that he loves Jesus and his family. In return he is man who is well loved and respected by his wife, children, grandchildren and friends. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to photograph the celebration of his 70th birthday. 

M Family | Sunshine Coast Family Photographer

It was a wonderful day photographing the M family to celebrate their beautiful mother and grandma. Her love for her family was palpable through the smiles, how her eyes lit up watching them, and her caring touch. It was such a joy spending time with them all! xo

"Our family:

a circle of strength, founded on faith,

joined in love, kept by God."


D Family | Langley Family Maternity Photographer

The D family was so full of joy and silliness! I've been blessed to be able to photograph the maternity sessions of all three of their beautiful children! Thank you for having me along again D family - you guys are always a blast!


"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms,

even when his hands are empty."


S Family | Langley Family Photographer

I had a wonderful time with the S family enjoying the fall weather. The crisp air, fallen leaves mixed with their beautiful smiles and deep love for each other made for a wonderful afternoon.


"Autumn is a second spring

when every new leaf is a flower."

Baby Adrienne & Grandma | Langley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have such an appreciation for grandparents who do anything to be there for their children and grandchildren. I loved having Adrienne's grandma as part of her newborn session - not intentionally - but so naturally and humbly caring for the family, just as I am sure she is when there isn't this extra person photographing in the house. 

Baby Adrienne arrived a little earlier than expected, but her grandma, was miles away, praying for her safe arrival, and finding flights in as soon as possible. These precious moments make my heart joyful for these everyday blessings that mothers and grandmothers are - sacrificial, loving unconditionally, and willing to do whatever they can to be there when their children need them most. I loved meeting you and getting to spend some time with you Reba! xo

Baby Adrienne | Langley Newborn Photographer

This sweet family welcomed their beautiful daughter and baby sister a few days earlier than expected. She was so good for the entire session and is clearly so very loved. Her grandma was visiting from afar which I know was such a wonderful blessing to the whole family - grandma help and love is truly priceless! I am excited to put together a little blog post on that too. For now here is sweet Adrienne being doted on by her stunning mom, besotted dad, and playful big brother!

A baby is a blessing,
a gift from heaven above,
a precious little angel,
to cherish and to love.
— unknown

Emma | Langley Graduation Photographer

Emma has such a gentle, calm and caring disposition. She's an amazing big sister as one can clearly see, and has a beautiful heart. Her mom was beaming with joy as we ventured into the quiet wooded area to photograph her lovely daughter in a gorgeous dress. It was a joy spending time with you all - and yay for little brothers who love having photographs taken with their favourite big sister! xo  

Cooper | White Rock Portrait Photographer

Cooper has a passion for acting, is a natural professional at hair flicking, and loves animals. He has amazing hazel eyes and is a wonderful young man with manners a mother would be proud of. It was a joy getting to spend time with him. 

B Family | Langley Family Photographer

"When the root

is deep

there is no reason to fear

the wind."

G Family | White Rock Family Photographer

"To understand your parents' love, you must raise children yourself" - Chinese proverb

K Family | Langley Family Photographer

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life" - Albert Einstein