Baby Adrienne & Grandma | Langley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have such an appreciation for grandparents who do anything to be there for their children and grandchildren. I loved having Adrienne's grandma as part of her newborn session - not intentionally - but so naturally and humbly caring for the family, just as I am sure she is when there isn't this extra person photographing in the house. 

Baby Adrienne arrived a little earlier than expected, but her grandma, was miles away, praying for her safe arrival, and finding flights in as soon as possible. These precious moments make my heart joyful for these everyday blessings that mothers and grandmothers are - sacrificial, loving unconditionally, and willing to do whatever they can to be there when their children need them most. I loved meeting you and getting to spend some time with you Reba! xo

Baby Adrienne | Langley Newborn Photographer

This sweet family welcomed their beautiful daughter and baby sister a few days earlier than expected. She was so good for the entire session and is clearly so very loved. Her grandma was visiting from afar which I know was such a wonderful blessing to the whole family - grandma help and love is truly priceless! I am excited to put together a little blog post on that too. For now here is sweet Adrienne being doted on by her stunning mom, besotted dad, and playful big brother!

A baby is a blessing,
a gift from heaven above,
a precious little angel,
to cherish and to love.
— unknown

Emma | Langley Graduation Photographer

Emma has such a gentle, calm and caring disposition. She's an amazing big sister as one can clearly see, and has a beautiful heart. Her mom was beaming with joy as we ventured into the quiet wooded area to photograph her lovely daughter in a gorgeous dress. It was a joy spending time with you all - and yay for little brothers who love having photographs taken with their favourite big sister! xo  

Cooper | White Rock Portrait Photographer

Cooper has a passion for acting, is a natural professional at hair flicking, and loves animals. He has amazing hazel eyes and is a wonderful young man with manners a mother would be proud of. It was a joy getting to spend time with him. 

B Family | Langley Family Photographer

"When the root

is deep

there is no reason to fear

the wind."

G Family | White Rock Family Photographer

"To understand your parents' love, you must raise children yourself" - Chinese proverb

K Family | Langley Family Photographer

"Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life" - Albert Einstein

F Family | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

"Family is not an important thing, it is everything" - Michael J. Fox

B Family | Langley Family Photographer

"Family is the most important thing in the world" - Princess Diana

M Family | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses." - Joyce Brothers

Mezaros Family | Langley Family Photographer

We were initially going to plan a Spring photo session but the days, weeks and months got busy. Spring came and went, Summer came and went and as Fall leaves started appearing I was so happy we were happy to finally find a time that worked for the Meszaros family to have their family photo session. Dashing straight from a soccer party, they made it to a favourite new spot to catch the last few minutes of sunlight on a beautifully warm evening. We adventured as much as we could and made sure to leave some time to explore and just be (and perhaps get a little wet) before the sun was down. Thank you for cutting your soccer party short, for braving the sunny yet crisp evening and for being such an amazing family to photograph! xo, Liesel

Aaron & Chanelle | Peace Arch Park Wedding

It was such a blessing to be present as Aaron and Chanelle were married under the beautiful trees of Peace Arch Provincial Park, surrounded by the love and excitement of their families and friends. The soft pink, creamy colours set the tone for a beautifully romantic wedding day. Every detail was made with love.

The celebration just oozed love and adoration for Aaron and Chanelle, with many family and friends traveling from out of province to be a part of their special day. There is no doubt for the love they share. It was evident in the grand ceremony but also in all the small details: how he leads her, how she looks at him, how he rubs her shoulder, and she slips her hands in his ... their warm, loving embraces continued through the day.

It was a beautiful day, full of raw emotions from not only Aaron and Chanelle, but also their parents, siblings, bridal party and loved ones. There were lots of soft, tender moments but also plenty of laughter and dancing. Thank you again for honour of capturing these moments for you.

xo, Liesel

Florist : Felicity Haswell

Cake Artist : Sugar Patisserie

Caterers: Roadhouse Grille

Aisles & Smiles | Langley Wedding Services

Jacqui established Aisles and Smiles with a vision to create memorable events and lovingly serve the community. Jacqui is a warm, strong and caring lady who is hard working and committed, loyal and honest. Her passion is smaller, intimate weddings and events. If you are in search of an event coordinator I know Jacqui would love to hear from you. xo Blog Jacs


Shorter but Just as Sweet Georgia | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

Georgia is such a fun-loving, down to earth, beautiful young lady and it was a blast getting to spend time photographing her again. Not too long ago she was used to gorgeous long locks of hair and so generously blessed it to use for a wig for children fighting cancer. This totally called for a follow up session for her to remember her new, shorter-but-just-as-sweet style! That inner beauty of hers radiates no matter what length her hair is! xo GeorgiaBlog1 GeorgiaBlog2 GeorgiaBlog3 GeorgiaBlog4 GeorgiaBlog5 GeorgiaBlog6 GeorgiaBlog7 GeorgiaBlog8 GeorgiaBlog9 GeorgiaBlog10 GeorgiaBlog11 GeorgiaBlog12

Beautiful Georgia | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

This is Georgia ... full of life and oozing musical talent, smart funny and has a heart of gold. It was wonderful getting to photograph her and her beautiful long blonde locks the day before she had the chop to donate her hair for wigs for children fighting cancer. I know how she and her parents love her long hair and admire them for encouraging her to be such a blessing to someone else! And yes she is looking just as beautiful sporting a super cute shorter style! xo Beautiful Georgia GeorgiaBlog10 GeorgiaBlog7 GeorgiaBlog9 GeorgiaBlog12 GeorgiaBlog11 GeorgiaBlog5 GeorgiaBlog13 GeorgiaBlog2

Werner & Liesel Engaged | South African Engagement Photographer

We were blessed to head to South Africa for a few weeks over the festive season and during that time I was able to squeeze in an engagement session with Werner and Liesel. The rain came but we managed to wait it out and then go exploring before the sun set for the day - a little mud and squelchy shoes didn't hurt. It was wonderful getting to spend time with you both -  Congratulations again Werner and Liesel! xo


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The Merrett Family | Fort Langley Lifestyle Photographer

A rainy morning could not put a damper on the enthusiasm of the lovely Merrett family. We had fun exploring Fort Langley, making sure we had a stop at one of the brothers' favourite parks along the way. They were all such great sports and I am sure the boys enjoyed their well deserved hot cocoa when they got home. Thank you again Merrett family, it was fantastic spending time with you! xo MerrettsBlog1a









The K Family | Langley Lifestyle Photographer

The dear K family decided on a Christmas tree farm for their family session which was SO FUN! It was a beautifully warm morning at the amazing Fernridge Christmas Tree Forest. These two super cute brothers were so full of love and had a great time adventuring together - and of course, making time for cuddles with their incredible parents in between. I had such a blast with you K family, thank you again! xo KroekerBlog1