Baby Adrienne & Grandma | Langley Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have such an appreciation for grandparents who do anything to be there for their children and grandchildren. I loved having Adrienne's grandma as part of her newborn session - not intentionally - but so naturally and humbly caring for the family, just as I am sure she is when there isn't this extra person photographing in the house. 

Baby Adrienne arrived a little earlier than expected, but her grandma, was miles away, praying for her safe arrival, and finding flights in as soon as possible. These precious moments make my heart joyful for these everyday blessings that mothers and grandmothers are - sacrificial, loving unconditionally, and willing to do whatever they can to be there when their children need them most. I loved meeting you and getting to spend some time with you Reba! xo

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